EuroStar - An Investment, Construction, Industry & Trade Joint Stock Company
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Business Sectors

Due to nature of its diverse business activities, EUROSTAR’s Board Members have decided to let each Business Unit or Department operate under its own custom tailored Strategies and mechanisms to meet markets growing demands in different industries and market segments while achieving overall organization’s strategic objectives. EUROSTAR’s current focus is in following four business sectors / markets:

  • Oil and Gas Training Services
    Training Services

    Our vision is to be a regional leader in providing professional training and development courses for Oil & Gas Industries.

  • Travel and Conformance
    Travel & Conformance

    EUROSTAR's vision is to provide most appealing and economical solutions to Business Delegations in Turkey.

  • Travel and Conformance
    Citizenship by Investment

    EuroStar provides its specialized services to help its clients secure second citizenship by investing in ANTIGUA & BARBUDA

  • Industrial Investment
    Industrial Investment

    EUROSTAR’s International Trade Unit’s vision to fully utilize its corporate’s knowledge, creativity and collaboration to build

  • Real Estate Investment
    Real Estate Investment

    EUROSTAR’s Real Estate Construction Unit’s vision is to provide comfortable lives to people by becoming a regional, full-service

  • Real Estate Construction
    Real Estate Construction

    EUROSTAR’s Industrial Investment Unit’s vision is to focus on markets with growth opportunities in GDP and infrastructure

  • International Trade
    International Trade

    EUROSTAR’s Real Estate Investment Unit’s vision is to continuously conduct research for attractive geographical locations

  • Oil and Gas Material Supply
    Oil & Gas Materials Supply

    EUROSTAR’s vision is to become a leading distributor of world’s most recognized brands for Oil & Gas Materials in Turkey.

  • Heavy Equipment
    Heavy Equipment Supply

    Our vision for trade of Heavy Equipment Machinery is become the leading supplier of world-class construction machinery...

  • Manpower Supply
    Manpower Supply

    EUROSTAR’s vision is to provide comfortable lives to people by becoming a regional, full-service real estate...