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Business Sector: Real Estate Investment

EUROSTAR’s Real Estate Investment Unit’s vision is to continuously conduct research for attractive geographical locations or create such real estate investment opportunities that will be helpful for development of Real-Estate Projects.


EUROSTAR’s Real Estate Investment Unit’s mission is to support “EUROSTAR’s Real Estate Construction Unit” by conducting feasible and economical studies of valuable real estate projects such as Residential Places, Healthcare Centers, Office Buildings, Commercial Buildings, Retail, Industrial Facilities, Laboratories, Hotels, Parks and Public Spaces, Restaurants, Spaces for Leisure and High-rise Towers, master-planned communities, mixed-use developments and Resort properties in Turkey and providing financial support to the “Construction Department” for execution, completion and promotion of the real-estate products in the industry.

  • To identify market expectations by accurately analyzing customer needs and demands.
  • To find opportunities for creation of world-class real-estate projects in Turkish region.
  • To conduct feasible, economical and technical studies of the proposed projects.
  • To support “EUROSTAR’s Real Estate Construction Unit” for execution, completion and promotion of the real-estate products in the industry.
Our Activities

Due to nature of its strategic role, EUROSTAR’s Real Estate Investment Unit is specifically created to offer technical support within EUROSTAR itself.

Field Survey

Once of EUROSTAR’s Real Estate Investment Unit’s responsibility is to conduct detailed field surveys to find suitable location for allowing “EUROSTAR’s Real Estate Construction Unit” for execution of project’s development phase. EUROSTAR’s professional members are highly trained and have gone through extensive training about market methodology and how to gather accurate market information. EUROSTAR’s field survey is the most important element that helps EUROSTAR’s directors make informed investment decisions based on concrete and valid information. That is why EUROSTAR employees a professional staff of field analysts whose primary job is to travel to the site and gather the critical information about each location in the market area.

Field Report

Geographical Factors: Many real estate markets are highly geographical. For example, prices for residential areas may be falling, but some areas near commercial markets may still see rising prices. Desirable areas can buck market trends as demand is high, and supply limited. For example, houses near good schools or universities may have a significant premium to other areas. These geographical factors are carefully studied so accurate market data can be prepared for further analysis by EUROSTAR’s researchers.

Demographic Factors: Demographic factors are responsible for driving the housing price in the local market. Price level affects local housing affordability by income groups. EUROSTAR’s researchers carefully consider population and household trends, housing and income characteristics, differences in socioeconomic makeup of individual neighborhoods, and growth figures to help its management identify the usefulness of a proposed location for real estate investment.

Mobility Factors: Mobility factors are defined as the ability of land, labor or capital to be put to an alternative use or moved to another location. In other words the degree to which a factor of production, such as labor or capital, is able to move among industries in response to differences in its factor price. EUROSTAR considers such factors during its research to carefully study economical and technical issues related with a proposed location to estimate profitability of its investment.

Area Perceptions: EUROSTAR’s researchers conduct interviews with area officials, project managers, and real estate professionals to determine area perceptions and how they relate to the previous factors. These insights, in conjunction with our experience help determine mobility patterns, a key component of our feasibility study.

Decision Making Process

Once our researchers are confident based on their market and field studies that their proposed geographical location is highly suitable for a specific real estate investment project then a detailed report is forwarded within the organization to directors and EUROSTAR’s real estate construction unit.